2020 Week 07 Update

Another week and we are all still housebound due to the Covid-19 virus. Singapore now has around 70+ cases and this is surely a local community spread now. But, thanks to quick diagnosis and treament, we don’t have any deaths yet. So there is still hope.

Since all large scale gatherings have been stopped, we are at home all the time, leaving the house just to get groceries and essentials. As I mentioned earlier, now reading has become essential, so I am going to the library often and sometimes binge reading.

The children are getting antsy now because they are housebound, but there is nothing really to be done. Some of their friends who started junior college have started lessons, while for them, they need to wait till April. Hopefully, by then we would have the spread of the virus starting to wane and things would be a little bit more normal.

That’s all for our week now! Stay safe and healthy folks and have a great week!

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