2020 Week 08 Update

Yet another week where we were housebound. The children are now climbing the walls because they are so bored. Some of their friends have started school and from those who are waiting to enter poly, their parents like me don’t want them to meet in malls and other crowded places, hence the boredom.

Things have become slightly better this week and I am hopeful that the virus will blow off in a few more weeks and life becomes more normal.

I didn’t do much reading this week, it was one of those weeks where I didn’t really feel like doing much, so I am still stuck where I was last week.

I am also seriously thinking of expanding my little business. Since the children are now in tertiary education, I have more time in my hands, and so can now start working on a full-time basis. I have mentioned this to my major client and if they pass me working for them on a full-time basis (I am currently working part-time for them), then it’s time to network and make new contacts and see where this leads me to.

Stay safe folks and have a great week! We’re ending month two of 2020 and spring is on the horizon!

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