2020 Week 09 Update

Its a new week and we are in month three of 2020. To be honest, even though we are now in the grip of the panademic Covid-19, the months seem to be flying!

Speaking of Covid-19, Singapore has now crossed a hundred cases, but luckily there has not been any fatalities so far. Touchwood and we hope this continues. This panademic has now spread to 50 countries world-wide and things are expected to get much worse before we start to see any improvements. The World Health Organisation has now raised it’s assessment of the epidemic on a global impact to “very high”. Hopefully scientists who are working on a vaccine will find one soon and things will get back to a new normal in a couple of months.

As for us, it’s the same. In fact this week, I went for a meeting at one of the hotels in the Singapore business district and found the malls and even the hotel empty. People have cancelled all events and even malls are seeing lesser foot falls. The tourism industry, which is one of the mainstays in Singapore has also been hit badly and I am guessing recovery will take a while till things comes back to a healthy state.

Next week looks to be the same, so stay healthy and safe folks!

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