2020 Week 10 Update

Today is the International Women’s Day. To all my women (and the men who support their women) readers, here’s wishing you a Happy Women’s Day!

Let’s all strive for the equality that women deserve so that, hopefully in our lives, there is no need for a single day to celebrate women. Instead we celebrate women and their equality with men in all spheres of lives every single day!

Spring in the air, but things are not so good in the ground. On Friday, Singapore recorded the largest spike in Covid-19 cases, most of which came from a single cluster. This cluster came from someone close to a previous patient who went for a private dinner where cutlery was shared.

This has led to Singapore announcing new standards of public hygiene which includes not shaking hands, using serving spoons while dining communally, eating from trays in public dining places as well as adopting good personal hygiene habits such as washing hands frequently, using a tissue when sneezing or coughing and keeping public toilets clean and dry.

When I read this, I actually thought of Indian practices which actually follow what Singapore is now advocating. The traditional Indian way of greeting is the Namaste which means “I bow to the divine in you”. Indians also usually dine together and when we eat, we never double dip our spoons into the pot containing the dish. There is always a serving spoon which is also not allowed to touch the plate of the person it is being served to. This is also because of the concept of Jhoota which means not allowing food which been contaminated by someone else’s saliva or inside their mouth to be touched by another person. This is usually very strictly enforced even in the most lax and liberal households.

So people, if you are Indian, go back to your roots and follow the practices which our ancestors did, they had some reasons for the same which we have disregarded today because we wanted to be modern, but this is not really true. For others, please be careful and stay safe!

In other news, life goes on as usual with us being mostly at home trying to stay safe.

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