2020 Week 13 Update

Another week and news about Covid-19 seems not to abate. We are not hearing any good news from anywhere and I am frankly tired of battling the fake news that seem to poliferate most Whatsapp group chats!

On Sunday evening, India announced a 21-day lockdown and this was really disturbing to me. I was so worried about my elderly parents, that I didn’t sleep for about three days. They had groceries and vegetables for about two or three days, but didn’t know what they would do after that. I started reaching out to friends living in Mumbai and my school group really came up for me. They sent me links to resources that can help my parents and one of my friends also said she would help them buy groceries if necessary. That was such a huge relief, that I was able to have a good night’s sleep that night!

The US has now overtaken China as the country with the largest number of cases and as of yesterday, we have had quite a few celebrities, high profile people and heads of state testing positive to Covid-19. A cousin commented that this virus seems to be very egalitarian as it does not discriminate against anyone! But jokes aside, the damage to the world’s economy may take years or even decades to mitigate. Most airlines have grounded their fleet and Singapore Airlines, Singapore’s flag carrier has grounded about 96% of it’s fleet and this image shared in Singapore was so sad! It is said that most of the airlines will go brankrupt by May if things continue in the same vein.


As of yesterday, according to the WHO, there are more than 500,000 confirmed cases worldwide across more than 200 countries with more than 23,000 people succumbing to this disease. Here’s the link to the WHO Dashboard if you want to see the latest figures. Most countries also have their own national dashboards, so google for your own dashboard if you already don’t know of it. There’s another dashboard by Bloomberg whose figures are higher than that of the WHO, so perhaps this is updated frequently. According to the Bloomberg Dashboard, we have had almost 600,000 confirmed cases with close to 28,000 deaths. Please note the figures that I am quoting from the various dashboards may have changed when you read this post, so please do your due diligence before quoting me!

Most of us are now working from home and children kept from school. Stay safe and healthy as we all overcome this pandemic, the first major outbreak in our lives. Stay safe, stay healthy and don’t venture outside unless you need to.

I am going to leave you with this super adorable video released by the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago who allowed their penguins to walk around the closed aquarium to meet other inhabitants!

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