2020 Week 14 Weekly Update

We’re now in the month of April and are still at home. On Friday, the Singapore government announced that it was implementing full home based learning for all schools, colleges and institutes of higher learning for about a month and then they will take it from there. BB & GG as well as the other incoming poly freshmen will have to go to school once between now and April 20 when school starts to meet some classmates as well as their mentor and then get set up for e-learning until the time schools open for everyone. I also heard from someone else that all graduation ceremonies have been cancelled and students are understandably very upset about this. But this is something that nobody expected, so we just have to take things in our stride. Pre schools and childcare centres will also be completely closed down during this period.

Workplaces have also been told to close for the next month unless you belong to an essential service. For those parents who can’t afford to work from home or work in a service which can’t be closed down, schools and pre-school centres plus childcare centres will be open for their children who will be supervised there.

Singapore’s Covid-19 postive cases has hit more than 1000 now and unfortunately, 6 people, all elderly, have died from the virus so far.

I have also been quite worried about my parents who are alone in India. Because of the lockdown they are unable to get out of the house, especially since they are amongst the most vulnerable group. Luckily there are some NGOs who are helping the elderly who live alone as well as an ex-helper of my mum who will send her husband with the necessities they need when my mum calls her.

With so much negativity in this world today, it is getting increasingly hard to stay positive. It is hard, but think of happier times, watch funny videos, support your neighbours, especially the vulnerable and take advantage of the extra time you now have to do something you have always wanted to do, but never found the time to do.

Take care folks and stay healthy. Don’t leave your homes unless absolutely necessary and stay safe!

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