2020 Week 15 Update

The numbers are brining to get scary now. Singapore has more than 2200 positive cases with nine deaths so far. All of the deaths in Singapore have been the elderly. Worldwide the numbers of positive cases and deaths are worse.

After implementing a sort of lockdown which is called a ‘Circuit Breaker’ here, we will now start week 2 of this from tomorrow. But you still have people who just can’t seem to stay put at home. I feel so frustrated when we see and hear cases of people who are bored at home and so want to go to malls and parks with their whole family. Why can’t they just listen to what the experts say and stay home so everyone – them and us can remain safe?

Now they’re going to start fining people if they break the circuit breaker regulations here which is a very good thing and which I feel should have been implemented earlier.

On to better news. Last night, us cousins did a video call which was across three continents and four countries and this was so fun that we are already planning the next one. And this morning I woke up to a slew of messages from my friends in school talking about the same thing. That will be more challenging because we are spread across some 10-15 countries across four continents. But we are determined to do this and hopefully this will work out soon.

Stay home and stay safe folks! We will beat this and soon!

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