2020 Week 17 Update

As of now, Singapore has the highest number of Covid-19 positive cases in Southeast Asia. We are now in excess of 12,000 cases with the vast majority of cases now daily coming in from work permit holders who live in foreign worker dormitories. This is also due to the very aggressive testing that is being undertaken in the dormitories. A few days in the begining of the week saw more than 1,000 cases on a daily basis, but in the past few days, this number has been steadily decreasing, which is some consolation. Also, Singapore’s circuit breaker has now been extended for a month more till 1st June, so that’s another four more weeks of staying home.

The children finished their first week of school with Home Based Learning and this will go on for the whole term. Hopefully the circuit breaker is lifted in early June and they can actually start going to school. The school holidays has also been preponed to start from 4th May and school will resume when (hopefully) the circuit breaker ends in early June. The syllabus for the national exams this year has been cut across the board and I know some students are panicking about it!

Remember the video call I mentioned with my school classmates? We spoke with each other and most of us saw each other after a few decades! And as if this triggered some sort of switch, our WhatsApp grew exploded and people reached out to other classmates whom they were in touch with and got them to join the group. This past week has been very delighful with lots of old memories remembered and ignited. My hope is that when the situation stabilises, we have a full class reunion.

Stay home and stay safe everyone!

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