2020 Week 20 Update

It’s the end of another week and we are (hopefully), getting closer to the end of this circuit breaker. The other day GG burst out saying she was sick and tired of being at home and wanted to go back to school. They have had around a month of classes online and I guess they will complete this term before a week’s term break before they finally start physical lecturers. I did some calculations and if this happens, they would have been at home for some seven months from the time of their last O level exam to the first day of physical school in Poly!

I am also quite fed up with this enforced break from work and school. As someone who loves being alone and is not scared of silence, I actually find the fact that everyone is at home and under my foot all day, every day quite unnerving! I am now looking forward to the day when everyone is out of the house and I get my home to myself!

R’s new employer has gotten approval to hire her and so sometime the end of next week will be her last day with us. She will probably know a couple of days in advance when she needs to go to her new employer’s home and will let us know then.

Singapore has more than 27,000 positive cases now and more than 99% of new cases which get reported daily are from worker dormitories. The cases in the community seem to be falling daily so there is cautious hope that come June 01, we will be able to start to lead a normal life, albeit the new normal being wearing masks at all times that you are outside the house and practising safe distancing. I have also read reports of experts saying that the COVID-19 is here to stay as long as there is no vaccine for the disease and you have even one person somewhere in the world still showing any sympotoms, we are all still at risk. There is a possibility, that even with a vaccine, the disease may never go away and will linger especially in the more vulnerable communities.

So stay home, especially if you are older or have any chronic condition. If you have someone close to you who fit these categories, make sure they stay safe!

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