2020 Week 21 Update

A couple of days back, the headline in The Straits Times screamed that the world had surpassed 5 million Covid-19 cases. Today we have surpassed 5.21 million cases with more than 338,000 dead and more than 2.05 million who have successfully beat the virus.

Today I heard that WHO has declared South America to be “a new epicentre”of the coronavirus panademic, following a surge in the number of infections of Covid-19. Brazil is at the forefront of these new infections with more than 310,000 positive cases and experts saying that because there is a lack of testing in the country, the real positive figures are much more. Today, Brazil ranks second in total positive cases behind the United States, having overtaken Russia. India ranks in at number 11 with over 125,000 cases, aroud 52,000 recovered and about 4,000 deaths. Singapore is ranked at number 26 with more than 31,000 positive cases, about 13,000 recovered and 23 deaths.

Countries where governments are easing up restrictions are seeing new surges in positive cases, which will probably lead to more clampdowns and further restrictions. Singapore will slowly start easing down the circuit breaker from 2 June and some retail establishments will start to reopen as will schools. For the graduating cohort, they will have to go to school every day, while the other classes will alternate between home based and classroom learning. The children will be screened before entering the school and they will have to wear a mask or face shield during their time in school, except when they have physical education lessons or are eating in the canteen. I am hoping and praying that the four weeks of the stage one of the easing of restrictions in Singapore does not lead to a new surge of cases and push us back to more severe restrictions.

After a month of fasting, Muslims around the world will be celebrating Ramadan Eid today and tomorrow. Wishing all my muslim readers a very happy Eid. Eid Mubarak to everyone reading this and celebrating the festival. As always, stay home and stay safe folks!

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