2020 Week 22 Update

Singapore will start easing up on the circuit breaker from Tuesday. This first phase of easing up on restrictions will be proceeded with caution and we have been told that instead of one month as it was initially said, it can even be eased earlier. After that will be the second phase which can last several months, followed by the third phase which will be our new normal which will remain until effective vaccine or treatment is found.

Companies have been told they should avoid having their employees in the office as much as possible and those who will be coming in to work will have to maintain social distancing, they can’t socialise with colleagues in the office and should not have lunch and coffee breaks together and a face mask or face shield should be on the face at all times.

Schools and junior colleges will also reopen on Tuesday and except for the graduating cohort who will go to school daily, the others will have one week of school and one week of home based learning. S still will have to work from home for now, though it may change when the country moves to the next phase. As for the children, they will finish up their term with home-based learning and after we will know if they will go back to school after the term break which should be in mid-June.

Singapore now has around 34,000 positive cases, most of whom are work permit holders who reside in dormitories. Singapore’s mortality rate is 0.067% which makes it one of the few countries with such a low mortality rate.

We are now a week without R, my helper and without sugarcoating things, I can say, it has not been very easy. I became used to not doing housework all the time for a long time now and to suddenly do everything, became a bit hard, especially while balancing work and the home. Of course, S and the children have been a huge help. Getting the children used to housework was one the biggest reasons I gave R my blessings and sent her off with a smile. She is still adjusting to a new place and new people but she should be fine in a few weeks or a month or so.

That’s pretty much my update for the week. Stay home, stay masked and stay safe people!

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