2020 Week 23 Update

For the past few days, I have been anxiously watching the weather. The cyclone Nisarg was expected to hit the western coast of India and my home city of Mumbai was expected to be hit the hardest as the cyclone was expected to make landfall very close to Mumbai. This is the first cyclone going to hit the city in over a hundred years and everyone, including me, was tense. Then, miraculously, the cyclone veered as it reached the coast and made landful a few hundred kilometres south of the city and the city was spared with just some heavy rainfall. Everyone was so relieved and when I spoke with my dad and said how happy I was that the city was spared, he said the city of Mumbai was the city of Mahalakshmi and she wouldn’t allow anything to happen to her city. I don’t know if this is something that has been circulating among Mumbaikars, but the Mahalakshmi temple on the seashore in the area of Mahalakshmi, does hold a special place in the hearts of the locals.

Covid-19 has continued its hold on Singapore with more than 37,000 confirmed cases and 24 deaths. As of yesterday, we had almost 25,000 cases who have recovered, but personally, I am expecting a spike in the next 10 days or so when we cross the first two weeks since the lifting of the circuit breaker and people are mingling together. In the past week, we in Singapore, have seen visuals of crowded trains and buses and shoppers jostling with each other in supermarkets. I just hope that we don’t see the spike which will necessitate going back to another few months of being in a circuit breaker again!

It’s also been two weeks since R left our home and we are managing. I have now come to the conclusion that housework is the most underrated activity we do and that we are not paying our homemakers and house help enough. While I am happy that this period is a good teaching experience for the children to start helping around the home, I hope things become better soon so I can get a part-time helper to come at least once a week to work on some of the chores.

The children’s schools have also told them that they will be doing home-based learning the whole term and so they will only go back to school in semester 2 sometime in October. Understandably, they are frustrated about being stuck at home for so long. If we take October as a timeline, it will be about 11 months of staying home!

Anyway, this was our week, hope yours was also good! Stay home and stay safe everyone

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