2020 Week 24 Update

I am fed up!

It’s been almost three months of being cooped up at home and there are times it really gets to me. At least twice or thrice a week, when I wake up in the morning, it takes me a few seconds of thinking to figure out which day of the week it is. Though we can get out of the house to shop or walk, I don’t get out unless it is absolutely necessary. Because of my pre-exisiting condition, I am already immunocompromised and if I get the virus, it may prove deadly.

Singapore’s positive count as of yesterday has crossed 40,000 cases, though most of the cases are from the workers in dormitories. We are averaging about 400-500 cases on a daily basis, and I am looking forward to a day when this number comes down to a low double digit.

This week, New Zealand became  the first country to officially declare themselves COVID free and they have zero positive cases currently. This is such good news and we are all cheering the country and hope this news gets replicated worldwide and soon.

In India, on the other hand, cases are only increasing. The current tally for the country is around 310,000 and India is now number four with the highest number of cases, behind the USA, Brazil and Russia. My home state of Maharashtra leads the country in the number of cases with more than 101,000 cases and accounting for around 32% of all of cases in India. My hometown of Mumbai is the worst hit city in the country with more than 55,000 positive cases and if you add the nearby city of Thane which is usually clubbed as metropolitian Mumabai,the total increases to about 71,000 with more than 2,000 deaths. Subarban Mumbai along with Thane and together with Delhi, Ahmedabad and Chennai, these cities account for more than half of India’s COVID tally.

BB went back to school this week for some lab work and I think he will be going back at least once a week for more of lab time since that is something you can’t do as home based learning. GG on the other hand, has no need to go to school, so she is at home only. They both also had tests or assessments this past few weeks. As per their personalities, GG panicked and was wondering if she wrote the right answer or not while BB was more blase about this. They are on leave now and school for BB will start the week after next and after two weeks for GG.

Well, this was our week, have a great week people and remember, stay safe, stay sanitised and stay home!

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