2020 Week 25 Update

Singapore has now moved to Phase 2 which means more places are open. This is because community infection rates have generally remained stable, cases in migrant worker dormitories have declined, and there are no new large clusters emerging. The past week, we saw the numbers reduce greatly and this has given all of us hope for the future.

In this phase, retail outlets are allowed to open their doors after two long months, people can dine-in at restaurants and home based services like tuition and private enrichment classes are allowed to restart. Sports and other public facilities are also allowed to open as well as all healthcare services including face-to-face visits at residential facilities for the elderly. In all this, safe distancing measures still apply as well as masking up when outside the house. However, large spaces like malls must still restrict capacity and have tracking systems set up.

Companies have still been encouraged to ask employees to work from home for as long as possible with only essential employees to be in the office.

The total number of cases in Singapore is slightly short of 42,000 cases with about 33,500 cases completely recovered from COVID-19 and 26 deaths. India on the other hand, is seeing an explosion of cases in the past week with the country recording nearly 400,000 cases, 214,000 recoveries and 13,000 deaths.

Though I am itching to go out, I am also wary and cautious. I have heard most of the restaurants in Singapore over this weekend have been fully booked, what with people wanting to get out of the house and the fact it is the Father’s Day weekend. Speaking of which, to all the fathers and father figures reading this blog, here’s wishing you a very Happy Father’s Day!

Stay home as much as possible, stay masked and most importantly, stay safe!

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