2020 Week 26 Update

Half the year has gone and it does not feel like it. I guess because most of us are home bound and working or studying from home, it feels like we have not achieved anything, yet half the year is over!

Singapore is now slowly moving on and trying to get back to a new normal. Schools will reopen fully from tomorrow and both BB & GG will start to ease back to going back to school slowly. BB already has started going back to school twice a week for lab and some lessons, but GG has yet to step foot into campus.

In other news, my helper R will be back with us this week. We parted in very good terms and once we were back to normal, she was supposed to come back once a week to meet us on her off day. But she was very uncomfortable at her new employment. She just could not sleep at night and felt something off there. It is not to say she was not treated well, but she was not happy. She called me a couple of times to complain and each time I would counsel her that it is due to a change in the environment and she will adjust gradually. Early in the week, she called me almost in tears and asked me if I can employ her again. I discussed it with S and we felt sorry for her and so we said yes. Then everything happened very fast. One day in the week, she asked me to apply for her permit and it was approved the same day. Her current employer also decided to let her go since she was so uncomfortable and unhappy and long story short, she will come back mid-week.

So that’s our news this week. Stay safe people!

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