2020 Week 27 Update

R is back in my home after some drama with her ex employer’s agent. It is such a huge relief to have someone help me in my morning and cooking chores. Mornings are much pleasanter and now that GG & BB will start going to school more regularly, it means I would have lost my helpers at home. Actually doing all this work is not really a big deal, what is a big deal is that I usually start work by 8:30 am and have to rush to finish my household chores by then which used to really tire me out. Maybe I am so used to having help that doing things on my own is now slightly hard. It also does not help that I am getting older and am not as agile and have the kind of energy I had in my twenties or even in my early thirties.

Anyway, with COVID positive community cases coming down, things are easing up in Singapore. Even though we have more than 44,000 cases, most of these seem to be from workers with usually single digit community cases on a daily basis. So places like restaurants, cinemas and libraries have started to open up, with strict measures in place.

I had been having some pain and redness in my right eye for a while now and last week, I finally went to see a doctor. Apparently it was some kind of a parasitic infection, but they are still not sure. I have no idea how this came into my system since I have been more or less housebound for the past few months. The doctor who initially checked me thought it may have come from my trip to India in December when we went down south, but I am flabbergasted that it only hit me and that too flared up after almost six months! Anyway, with some treatment, it has been contained to a very large extent, but there is still some trace left and I was told that there will be a permanent scar in my cornea.

Singapore will be having it’s general elections next week and I am super excited that I will be voting for the first time here after becoming a citizen. When I was in India, I used to make sure I voted in each and every election, be it local, state or national because I knew it was my duty as a citizen. So yes, to exercise my constitutional right after a very long time is going to be something special.

That’a all our news for this week folks! Stay home and stay safe and make sure you mask up each time you leave the house.

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