2020 Week 29 Update

We’re done with another week of staying home. Sometimes when everyone are trying to work in a single room, it really gets to you as it happened to us this week.

Our air conditioning spoilt sometime in June and when we called the repair guy, we were told to change it, so off we went to the closest retailer and were told we could only get it installed earlier this week. Now, I really want to tell you all that in hot and extremely humid Singapore, air conditioning leans more towards a need rather than a luxury. Till our new airconditioners were installed, I had very bad and broken sleep as I would wake multiple times a night soaked in sweat! But back to our aircon installation. Since they were installing aircons in all our bedrooms, and it was a whole day affair, this ment that all four of us, were plonked in the living room doing our work, which included calls at various points of the day for each of us. This was seriously distracting as we had to be very mindful of making sure we did not walk into each other’s videos or make noise and disturb the others audio feeds. Anyway, all ends well that ends well.

India’s Covid cases continues to soar and each time I see the news, I am worried once again for my parents. With more than 1 million confirmed cases now, the country has the dubious distinction of being the third highest country, after the United States and Brazil. In India, my home state of Maharashtra has the largest number of cases with a mortality rate higher than the national average with less than average daily testing. This is very sad to me, especially when I know that living outside India, at this point, even if there is an emergency, I really don’t know how I can even be there for my parents. My parents and especially my father is also very conscious of this fact and makes sure he is not going outside. His take is that unless there is a vaccine for Covid, he will stay indoors. Both he and my mother have underlying issues, so coming down with the coronavirus can prove fatal to them.

That’s all from us this week folks! Stay safe and mask up as there are reports coming out of those countries which have started to have some sort of normalcy of new cases and spikes. So unless needed, stay indoors where you are much more safer.

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