2020 Week 32 Update

Happy 55th Birthday Singapore!

Today Singapore celebrates its 55th year of independence. Celebrations, which are usually very grand, are muted this year because of Covid and celebrations are actually split between the morning and evening so that there are fewer number of people involved at any point in time. And some of the celebrations will make their way to suburban Singapore or the heartlands as it is called here including the armed forces mobile columns and fireworks. There will be the mobile column passing close to my home later today and I may just go down to see it. Ufortunately, the fireworks will not be visible from my home and I don’t want to go down to see it because I am sure it will be super crowded and I am not going to risk my health for that.

After some days of low cases, the last ten odd days had many cases. I understand that this is because the government is pushing for completing testing of all the 300,000 foreign workers by the end of the month and then we should go back to single or low double digit numbers. We are at around 55,000 cases in total now and the country is now starting to look at moving cautiously to a new normal with more events and activities resuming and some borders reopening up.

My eyes are still not 100% cured though there have been significant improvements. I have been seeing the specialist about every two weeks now and there is still some infection in the cornea though the pressure in the infected eye has normalised to almost the normal range. Hopefully, this will also get better soon and I am back to my old schedule of just using the eye drops to counter my dry eyes.

BB & GG have almost completed their first semester in school without really going to school. They have been going more regularly these days since things are improving and they have project presentations to give and also take exmaninations to end the semester.

I also got a notification from WordPress earlier in the week saying it was my 10th anniversary in WordPress! I am stoked that I have been blooging on this site for 10 years now!

This is our news for the week! Happy birthday Singapore and may you grow from strength to strength. Stay safe and masked and most importantly, be healthy!

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