2020 Week 33 Update

After months of having daily triple digit figures and some months of having low four digit figures, this week, we finally got days of two digit daily figures and one day was a mid double digit figure. We also had a day of no community transmission, the first since June!

The total number of cases in Singapore is around 55,500 and I read in the newspapers that complete testing of all foreign workers, including those in quarantine and isolation will end by the end of the month and hopefully, from then on, we can look forward to low, perhaps even single digit daily cases.

The United States continues to lead the world in positive cases with about 5.4 million cases reported in total, followed by Brazil with about 3.3 million cases and India coming in at number three with slightly more than 2.5 million cases.

The children are almost done with their first semester in school and exams are around the corner. They should finish up exams by the end of August, the beginning of September and then will have around six weeks of holiday before they start semester 2, hopefully with in-school lessons.

Life, for me, is going on as usual with work and writing. I have been in some sort of a funk the past few weeks, nothing serious, but I am working on getting over it and going back to my usual optimistic take on life, and I hope this happens soon.

That’s all from us this week, stay safe and healthy folks!

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