2020 Week 35 Update

Is it just me or do any of you think the way I do? I have been feeling like life has been speeding up since we are all locked up at home. It just felt like it was a Monday and now we are back to Sunday!

I had mentioned about my parents moving out of Bombay last week and something happened this week that pretty much consolidated this idea. Around mid-morning when my mum was cleaning the kitchen, a section of the ceiling collapsed and fell down. Lucklily she was nowhere near that area and was saved and since it was in the middle of the kitchen, the counter and her cabinets were also saved. The only casualty seems to be the ceiling fan in the kitchen where one arm was twisted. So now once things get better, they will go and stay with my aunt who is already there and perhaps rent an apartment for a few months and experience living there in a senior retirement community and if they like it, will start the paperwork to purchase an apartment of their own and then return back to Bombay to start the moving process.

The children are either having their exams like BB or will have the exams next week. Once the exams are done, they will be ona break till mid-October when they will hopefully, go back to school, for physical lessons. As of now nothing about this is yet known, but one can hope.

Life is on-going ontherwise, I have no real complaints. But I am now starting to get stir-crazy a bit after being cooped up at home more or less all the time. I avoid leaving the house unless necessary because of my pre-existing condition and the fact that I don’t really feel comfortable wearing the mandatory mask we have to put on each time we get out.

September is here and it looks like this will be our new normal for the rest of the year. So take care people and stay safe, stay masked and above all, maintain social distancing!

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