2020 Week 36 Update

BB & GG have both started their holidays and I have made it my mission to start them on some exercise regime. Before we know it, BB will be called up for his national service commitments and I want him to be as fit as possible before he enlists. Let’s see how much I can push him to improve his health.

Singapore’s COVID cases have been dipping and slightly increasing, but so far, touch wood, our total daily cases have been below 100, with most days the count being below 50 and our daily community cases being single digits. I also know that Singapore’s active cases are now less than 1000, which is good news for us as a nation. This essentially means that less than a thousand cases are either still in hospital or still being treated.

India, on the other hand, has an exploding crisis in their hands. I am reading the reports almost daily and seeing the daily number of cases increase every day is really frightening. As of yesterday, India had reported more than 4 million cases with more than 125 thousand deaths, about 850 thousand active cases and slightly over 3 million recovered cases. This shows that as of yesterday, about a quarter of confirmed cases have recovered.

But I have also heard anecdotely about how hospitals and COVID specific clinics are fleecing patients and inflating cases. So I am a bit in a bind whether to actually believe these numbers or no. What I have heard is that if testing centres get about 10 swabs to test, they make sure that they confirm at least 7-8 swabs to be positive cases so that they can earn money from the treatment of these seven odd cases purely for profit. Again, this is all completely anecdotal and has been gathered when speaking and texting with family and friends in India and from forwards sent from WhatsApp university.

The rest of our week was the usual, with everyone in front of their laptops, working and playing. On one hand, I am loving this work and study from home as this is probably the first time I am getting so much one on one time with S and the children, but at the same time, because of this enforced closeness, we sometimes get on each other’s nerves. Oh well, c’est la vie!

This was what we did this week, hopefully everyone is safe and is practising safe and social distancing as well as masking themselves when they are out of their homes. See you all next week and enjoy your weekend.

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