2020 Week 40 Update

We’re in the last quarter of 2020 and like me, I am sure you too are looking forward to 2021 with the hope that the new year will bring some relief to the world.

The children are still on their holidays, though GG has gotten her timetable for the next semester. Even though Singapore is slowly, but steadily moving towards opening up more, she will continue to be more or less on home-based learning. Her only grouse with the timetable is that she has a class on Saturdays also. She thought she had gotten over Saturday lessons after more than 12 years of Hindi school, but though those were about half day lessons and this is much shorter, it still means she will need to get her act together and be ready by lesson time on the day of the week when she would rather be doing something else.

BB has not heard back anything from school yet, so we don’t know if he will be going back to school or not and if yes, how long. I suspect he will be doing a more hybrid model of studying with some home-based learning and some in-person learning.

The US still continues to lead in positive cases with more than 7.5 million cases as of yesterday, including its President and first lady who were diagnosed late last week, followed closely by India with about 6.5 million cases and then Brazil with abut 4.9 million cases and Russia with slightly over 1 million cases. The four countries together constitute about 58% of the total world cases!

Anyway, here’s to an October which is much better than the September that just went by! Stay safe everybody!

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