2020 Week 43 Update

This week is the week of the Navratri festivities and we are all doing it online. When I last spoke to my mother, she was lamenting that for the first time that she can remember, she is not able to go to the temple for the festival. Usually, during the ten days of Navratri and Dusshera, she will quickly do her chores at home and go to the temple to witness the prayers and also partake the lunch usually served there. This was especially true when my sister and I grew up and were out of the home pretty much the whole day.

School has started for both and though GG only has one tutorial for which she needs to go to school, BB has to go to school for all his subjects. He did quite badly last semester and so he has a lot of catching up to do since the polytechnics here work on a cumulative grade point average system and so he has to do extremely well in the remaining semesters to even have a chance to attend university after national service. Speaking of which, he got his national service notification this week via mail and we need to log into the system to defer him for the next two and a half years since he is still studying fulltime. GG has done relatively well and needs to keep up with her grades in the next five semesters to go on to university since her course which is a business course is highly competitive and usually has a high entry cut of point.

Other than that, we’re all surviving living at home and being in each others faces almost all the time. I am becoming a bit stir crazy especially since the holiday season is coming up and we can travel anywhere, not even to Malaysia. So I have been planning road trips for when we can actually go which helps a bit.

That’s all from us this week. Stay home, stay safe and most importantly stay masked when you are out of your home!

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