2020 Week 44 Update

Another month has passed by and we are in the fag end of 2020! This year has been strange for everyone and I for one will be glad to see the end of this year. Maybe 2021 will bring the world a beacon of hope and joy?

Singapore has been seeing single digit COVD cases for the past few weeks with none to a couple of cases in the community and dormitories. The bulk of the cases are imported and are coming from travellers entering Singapore, either as visitors or as residents returning home. So there is some hope there.

On the other hand, Europe has been seeing a new wave and I am now worried that India will experience one soon. Last week, someone in S’ extended family had a wedding in India which was streamed live for those unable to make it. We were surprised to see that firstly people are having weddings at this time when things are so unsettled. Secondly, most people were not maintaining social distancing and not wearing masks while inside the hall. To give them credit where due, there were not too many people in the wedding hall, maybe around 50-60 maximum, and those that were there may be close family to the bride and groom. But I saw so many in the audience not wearing masks and sitting so close to each other that I was wondering if they were not worried about getting sick. There’s another wedding coming up in the new year, this time in Singapore and we can’t avoid this one because not only is it within the close family, but also because it is here and we can make it. But I am hoping that because the situation in Singapore is better and the protocols more strictly followed, not only will we mandated to wear masks, but we also will be sitting in a socially distanced manner.

Ah well, we can only hope that people get sensible soon and things can get back to normal. If not, then governments should start fining them if that’s what it will take. I read recently that in Mumbai, people who don’t wear masks will be fined Rs 200 and if they don’t have the money to pay or can’t pay, they will have to sweep the streets for a specified amount of time. I really like this idea and hope its not a flash in the pan and people realise that they can make a difference just by being safe and wearing a mask and staying socially distant when outside.

Stay safe folks!

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