2020 Week 45 Update

Its Diwali this Saturday and we are starting our Diwali prep. I have planned to make some sweets and savouries, doing a bit each day, so that I don’t get overwhelmed and don’t have to do everything on one day.

Most households also do spring cleaning during this time and though it is not technically spring, but more of a winter cleaning, this is to get everyone ready for the dark winter months. Other than a cursory cleaning, I am postponing my deep and intensive cleaning for December when things are more quet at work and I have more time.

I woke up this morning to see that news agencies have called the US elections. I am glad that Americans have voted for hope and stability and the world can breathe easy. I remember back in 2016 when I was so invested in the election outcome that I was so anxious about it and was so upset when the outcome I was hoping you didn’t materialise. This year, I am not so anxious, maybe because like millions of other people, I hope that Americans take the correct decision and make the right choice, which they have done.

Singapore is continuing to post single digit positive cases with the bulk of the cases coming in from those who enter the country as opposed to local and community transmissions. We currently have about 50 plus active cases in total in the country of which less than 35 are in hospitals and the others in community isolation facilities.

Positive cases around the world now has reached the 50 million mark with the United States leading with more than 10 million cases, India in the second position with about 8.5 million cases and Brazil in third place with more than 5.6 million cases.

Stay safe and masked people!

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