2020 Week 49 Update

We’re in the last few weeks of 2020 and everyone is praying that 2021 is a better year for all of us.

Many countries starting with the United Kingdom have started ordering COVID-19 vaccines for their citizens and residents and hopefully by the middle of next year, all of us are vaccinated against this disease. I wonder when countries start vaccinations, who gets priority? And will they vaccinate not just their own citizens, but also those living and working in those countries, both legally and illegally? Afterall, it would take just one person with the virus to start a new wave in these countries. These are questions what probably will be answered sooner or later.

The children are busy with school and BB has exam week this week which is his mid-semester exams. According to him, it has a 20% value to his final semester grade and over the weekend, he got a big round of scolding from everyone, including his sister on playing games instead of studying. He is someone who does not really give importance to exams and tests in the middle of the term, and instead likes to focus on the big final exam. But poly is different from school as here every single test, quiz and project counts, not just the final exam, so the nagging and explanations continue.

Life is pretty quiet, so I am taking this opportunity to go through each room in my house and see how best I can clear clutter. As I go older, I am realising I am a minimalist at heart. This discarding things that doesn’t appeal to me now is so cathartic, I am thinking I should be on an annual basis.

Have a wonderful week people!

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