2020 Week 50 Update

The year is running out fast and though there are some glimmers of hope, it still looks like at least the first part of 2021 will be more or less like 2020.

The US is leading as usual, with the highest number of cases at and have daily reported cases of almost a quarter million. India is far behind with about 30 thousand cases reported on a daily basis. Singapore is still holding strong with zero to one or two community cases at the most on a daily basis and the bulk of our cases come from those who arrive into Singapore and are quarantined.

BB finished his mid-terms and started his three week term break yesterday. GG has some assignments to submit this week and then she also starts her term break. Both will go back to school in the new year. As usual, BB is spending all the time he has playing games with his friends and both have made plans to meet up with friends during this period also.

Take care people, especially since the festive season is upon us and make sure you are safe and your family and especially the elderly and the immunocompromised are safer!

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