2020 Week 51 Update

We are in the second last week of the year and I have been thinking about how this year has been for me and my family. Since it turned out to be a longish post, I decided to publish it as a separate post, so look out for it soon.

Singapore had a piece of good news early in the week. We will be start phase three next week and this will mean some relief for businesses and people. Weddings and places of worship can now have live music and more people can attend celebrations. This is great news for S’ cousin who is getting married next month, so they can get more people to physically be there instead of watching it online.

Also, Singapore has ordered vaccines and the first batch of the Pzifer vaccines will be here end December. The first people to be vaccinated will be healthcare workers, people working in the frontline and the elderly. The others will follow and vaccinations are not compulsory, but they are encouraging all eligible residents to get themselves vaccinated. Only children under 16, pregnant women and immunocompromised people are not to get vaccinated for now as there is not enough evidence about the safety for these people. The timeline for everyone who wants to get vaccinated is Q3 so by the end of September, every long-term Singapore resident who wants a vaccine will get one free of cost. I for one, can’t wait for my turn to come and will sign up as soon as I am allowed to.

There’s really nothing else happening as we are all on holiday and winding down for the end of the year. Stay safe everyone!

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