2020 Week 52 Update

The second last week of the year, though in the title it is the last week, but it is the last full week of 2020, a year we are all very happy to bid good bye to!

This was a very quiet week for us, with the children on their term break and S and me having a quiet week because the world pretty much shuts down these two weeks.

The new COVID-19 variants in the world have been worrying since some of the variants are supposed to more contagious. The world has hit 80 million cases which is slightly more than 1 percent of the world’s population as of December 2020.

I have been taking this slight downtime to start on a minimal journey. I am starting with my email accounts and deleting old mails so I can start the new year on a fresh note. Let’s take this last few days of 2020 to reflect on how this year has been and what we want to do and achieve in 2020 which is a year which is full of hope!

When I see you next in this update, it will be 2021, so Happy New Year everyone. It’s a new year and new beginings and may 2021 bring to fruitation all your hopes and wishes with the year being filled with success, happiness and prosperity!

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