2021 Week 00 Update

Happy New Year! May 2021 bring to you and your loved ones loads of happiness, abundance, prosperity and good health!

I decided to start this year with the week 0 because this week was split between 2020 and this year and so it’s week 0 according to me.

It was a fairly quiet week at home and Singapore had a very rainy start to 2021. With such a weather, a warm bed with a book and some hot beverage sounds so appealing, but this year because I have decided to finally take my health into my hands, I couldn’t just sit and chill, but had to make sure I walked my targeted steps for the day. I have also decided to read more this year because in 2020, social media and OTT shows took quite a bit of my time which I want to reclaim back. There are other resolutions for the year, but let me see if I can actually keep to them before I share it.

The world is reeling with more than 84 million positive cases and the United States leads the pack with more than 20 million cases and India following behind with 10 million cases and Brazil at number three with close to 8 million cases. But there is a silver lining because many countries have started vaccinations starting with their medical and frontline workers before moving on to their elderly and the vulnerable. In the past week, Singapore has gotten double digit cases more than once and though most of them are imported cases, we also now have at least two local community clusters which are most likely to be cases within a household. Hopefully this gets contained soon and we go back to single digit numbers. Currently there are about 150 active cases in the country.

This year, in my weekly updates, I have decided to spread some positivity and so here’s something I made. I hope to share a new positive thought each week which will brighten up our week. Have a wonderful 2021 and stay healthy!

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