2021 Week 01 Update

The world looked in horror this week as scenes from the storming of the Capitol building in Washington were flashed across television screens and social media. The bastion of democracy was being stormed and this does not bode too well for the world. Hopefully, the incoming administration takes cognizance and action and arrests and sentences the perpetuators of this assault.

The week for us was the start of the work week for 2021. BB started school and will go pretty much every day for in-person lessons while GG still is on home-based learning and will go back to school only once a week. She is pretty frustrated and hopes that when the new semester starts in April, she also will get to go back to school on a daily basis.

In the latest COVID-19 numbers, the world has now seen nearly 90 million cases and as in previous weeks, the US leads with more than 22 million positive cases and India comes at number two with 10.5 million cases, followed by Brazil with 8 million cases. As with last week, Singapore had quite a few days with double digit cases and days with more than one case in the community, though the dormitories are pretty safe these days, due to increased testing.

To distract us from all this negativity in the world, here is today’s positive thought.

Take care people and stay safe, stay masked and get vaccinated as soon as you can!

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