2021 Week 05 Update

This week was a version of Hell week for GG because she has two projects due on the same day and one of them which was a coding project had some issues which her group just could not resolve. Just when it seemed that they had to redo the whole thing within one day, they managed to reach out to their teacher who helped them, albeit with some reduction in their final marks and they managed to submit it in time. The second project has issues because of some people in the group, one of whom was out the whole day on submission day which pissed off the rest of the group. GG is so mad at this person that she has decided that moving forward, she will not be in the same group as this person if she can help it.

BB on the other hand had a usual week, though I can see him studying more this semester compared to the previous one. He is confident of scoring much better this semester, but I don’t want to push my hopes too high, but I did have a dream one day of a certain semester GPA, so I am optimistic cautious of perhaps a chance this dream does come true. I did dream of their O level scores and BB’s score was bang on, but I was off by one point for GG though.

This week I saw a news report which brought a smile on my face. The world has hit a milestone this week in the sense that more people have been vaccinated than have been infected world over. A total of 119 million vaccine doses have been administered till date while the number of infections has reached about 106 million now. Of the active cases more than 99% have mild conditions and less than 0.5% of patiebts are in a critical condition. The USA has more than 27 million cases till date and India has 10 million cases till date. But if you look at total cases per 1 million of population, India drops to the 119th position at 7791 cases per 1 million of population while the US is at number is at number 7 with 82,511 cases per 1 million of population.

The Chinese diaspora will be celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year next week and to all those who celebrate this festival, Xin Nian Quai Le and a Happy Lunar New Year to you and your family. I remember the last year when the cases hit Singapore just after CNY and we are here one year later with the end still looking quite far away!

Here’s today’s positive thought. It’s one I should also practice myself because at heart, I seem to attract negative thoughts so I am going to aim this week to only think positive thoughts.

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