2021 Week 14 Update

I am pretty excited as this week, S and I will take the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. But in my home state of Maharashtra in India, the situation is quite grim as they have run out of vaccines and many vaccine centres have been closed for the past few days. My parents have gotten their first dose and were supposed to get their next dose some time later this week, but now as things stand, it is not certain when they will actually get the dose and the effectiveness of the dose.

Cases are really surging in many countries and the world has seen an excess of 135 million cases with the bulk of the cases in the USA and Brazil and India with India reporting more than 100,000 cases daily multiple times this week. I am very concerned for my parents and other elderly relatives in India. They have been planning to go visit my grandmother in Bengaluru for months now, but because of all the new cases coming up, their plans keep getting postponed time and again. We thought getting the vaccine will be the key, but now that also looks unlikely in the near future. We can only pray.

This week was quite bad for me in terms of productivity because for some reason, I kept getting distracted and could not do everything I wanted to do. I am hoping this coming week will be different and I am able to focus more and get all that I want to do done.

And this is the perfect entry to our thought of the week. That if you think positive, good things will happen to you and believing in negative thoughts and things is definitely the one major obstruction to success. So if you have negative thoughts coming your way, take a deep breath and push that thought away and think something positive instead.

That’s it from us this week. The children will start their second year next week, so things will get heated up for them now, with more face to face lessons. Stay safe everyone.

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