2021 Week 15 Update

I got my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine this week and it went better than I thought. We got the Pfizer vaccine and after the registration, I was sent to the nurse for the vaccine. The nurse asked me about my dominant hand and then started the process of inserting it in my left hand, which is my non dominant hand. By the time I realised the needle was going in, it was out and the process barely took a few seconds. Then after waiting in the observation area for 30 minutes, I was let go with a paper about the next dose.

Now, everyone reacts differently and my experience will be completely different to others. S who took the vaccine one day before me fared worse than me. For me, when I was sitting in the observation area, I had some pain time and again, almost like in waves, but by the time I reached home, the pain was barely there. I normally sleep on my left side, and tried to avoid it that day. But I know I did move at night, but there was barely, if any pain. The next day there was some slight pain, but nothing else and I was back to my usual self by the middle of the day. I didn’t get any fever or headaches and feel I was let off very easily. I am now hopeful for the second dose now and hopefully will not feel so bad as I have heard from others.

BB & GG starts their second year of school tomorrow and for BB, this is basically a make or break semester. If he does not pull up his grades and by a lot this semester, he has to rethink his career choices and may not be able to get into the university course of his choice. Here’s hoping both do well this semester and live up to their potential.

And this segues well into today’s positivity quote which is about reaching your potential. And it’s very close to a quote I love attributed to Walt Disney which is if you can dream it, you can do it. It means that you are only limited by your thinking. If you have dreams, then the only place they are impossible is in your own thinking. Think about this, and it makes absolute sense, we are limited by our thinking and if we can dream about something, then nothing stops us from achieving them, except ourselves!

India’s COVID-19 cases have been soaring the past few weeks and I am amazed and shocked at how the governments, both at the centre and at the state levels, are allowing massive religious festivities to happen without any social distancing and not a mask in sight! I am also hearing news of a possible new variant which is affecting children in different states which is worrying.

So please, please take care, stay masked and if you are eligible, go and get vaccinated! See you next week.

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