2021 Week 17 Update

It’s the end of another month and May is now upon us. But the promise of summer is not a good one in many parts of the world, especially India. Yesterday, India posted a world record of new cases posted in a 24 hour period, 400,000 new cases, the first country to do so in the pandemic. India’s total cases is now 19.1 million with 211,853 deaths. But experts feel that the cases are underreported and the actual cases and deaths are five to ten times more. The situation is very grim and I read reports of people suffering because of lack of hospital beds, medicines and oxygen. This is very distressing to people with loved ones there.

I have seen and heard of people in Singapore who have lost close loved ones, mothers, fathers, siblings and other relatives and the worst part is that they can’t go down and see them one last time. And to be honest, this fear keeps me awake at night. My parents live alone and with me here in Singapore and my sister in the States, we are worlds apart. I always took solace in the fact that I am just a five hour flight away, but now because flights from and to India from many countries being banned, if a situation arises where my parents need us, but we are unable to travel is my worst nightmare. Vaccinations are not available, even though vaccinations have been opened up for those between 18 and 45 now. Vaccination centres in many states have closed temporarily. I am so thankful my parents finished their second dose of the vaccine last week. Please pray for India. And if you can afford to, please donate what you can to any organisation which is funding efforts to help the country.

In my walking journey to Mumbai, I have now reached Thailand and have walked about 70 km inside the country and am about 22 km north of Hat Yai in Thailand’s Songkhla province. Since the beginning of the year, I have walked about 900 km. This month, reading went for a toss and though I am still ahead of my goal, I need to start reading more. So that’s my goal for the month, to read more.

This week’s quote is about an attitude of gratitude. Once we start listing what we are grateful for, we start to realise how fortunate we are. So start listing things you are grateful for and then slowly life will become that much calmer and our sense of discontent will dissipate.

That’s all for this week folks! Stay safe and stay masked.

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