2021 Week 19 Update

The situation in Singapore has become quite bad with more local cases being reported daily for almost two weeks now. And the variants now associated with India, B6171 and 16172 has also landed in Singapore and this is very concerning because this variant is supposed to have a higher attack rate, are more infectious and create larger clusters. Because of this, Singapore has been put into a sort of lockdown without actually using the word. We’re all now mostly at home and don’t go out unless absolutely necessary. On Friday, when the new measures were announced, supermarkets saw panic buying, a repeat from last year when the Circuit Breaker was announced. This inspite of assurances from the supermarkets that they had sufficient supplies. GG has this week as home based learning which was announced a couple of weeks earlier, but BB was telling me that he was told by his lecturer that they may get into full home based learning very soon.

India has confirmed almost 24.5 million cases is reporting 300,000 to 400,000 cases daily. This is a marked contrast to the US, which though has reported more than 33.5 million cases is seeing a lower number of cases daily. This is because of the increased vaccination rate in the US compared to India. There does not seem to be any end in sight and everyone is having COVID fatigue and just want this to end. Let’s all pray for all of us so we can weather this crisis too.

Today’s positivity quote comes from Albert Einstein who says that life is like a bicycle and one has to keep moving to stay in balance. Life is never static and is constantly moving and so to stay in balance throughout life, one my keep moving as the minute one stops, we will lose our balance and fall down.

That’s all from me this week, stay safe folks and don’t go out unless it is absolutely necessary.

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