2021 Week 32 Update

It’s another week that has gone by. Singapore celebrated it’s 56th National Day on Monday and though the National Day Parade has been postponed to later in the month, we did have a small commemoration ceremony with a flypast of the Singapore flag and the F-19 fighter jets. And both the jets and the flag flypast flew past our home which was quite thrilling.

And today is India’s 75th Independence Day, and these are times when I really miss being back in the country! Ah well, one can only hope that things get better soon and travel can resume.

Worldwide, cases and deaths resulting from COVID-19 continue to climb, mostly fuelled by the highly transmissible Delta variant, which has spread to 132 countries, according to the WHO. More than 206 million cases have been reported till date, and most experts feel the numbers have been under-reported and the actual number is much more, maybe even double the reported number. Infections have increased in every region of the world, with some even reaching 80% more in the past month with deaths having increased by 80% over the same period in Africa. Deaths have also been increasing, mainly because of the Delta variant, with over 7 deaths in Singapore since the beginning of August. In Singapore about 81% of the population has had at least one dose of the vaccine while 73% have completed the full regimen. And because of this, residents who are not yet vaccinated can walk into the centres and get themselves vaccinated.

Today’s quote is from Rodolfo Costa who tells us to cultivate an optimistic mind, use our imagination and most importantly dare to believe that we can make possible what others deem to be impossible.

BB & GG have exams coming up soon and this will be the end of their third semester in school. They have to go for a semester’s worth of internship either in their fifth or sixth semesters depending how it works out. Hopefully they get good organisations where they can learn a lot.

That’s all from us this week, keep safe and get vaccinated.  

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