2021 Week 34 Update

Today’s quote is such a positive one that I wanted to start this post with it. When it means is that when one is positive and radiates positivity, people are attracted to this positivity and want to be near you. When we think about this, with our family, friends and colleagues, are we not attracted to and want to be with those who smile and are generally sunny people? Nobody wants to be near a moody person, someone who is a grouch and so when we do that, we attract people around us. Why don’t we try this?

BB & GG had exams this week and while GG has finished hers, and this semester, BB has one more to go on Monday, after which he too will start his holidays. Next semester will be the fourth one and GG already received news that she will be on her internship next year. I am hoping she gets an internship where she will learn and grow as a person and this internship will help her in the next stage of her education.

In Singapore, this month there have been so many deaths, especially of the elderly. Almost every week, we hear of deaths of the elderly, especially those who have not yet been vaccinated or not completed the vaccination regimen. 54 deaths have been reported in total as of yesterday, with 14 deaths in this month alone. 79% of the population has been fully vaccinated and we hope that the the critical mass that is needed to open up the country will come soon. We have to live with this virus forever it seems to look like, but there is hope for us. While COVID-19 will stay with us and within us forever, when enough people have gained some immunity through either vaccination or infection, the coronavirus will transition to what epidemiologists call endemic. It won’t be eliminated, but it won’t upend our lives anymore. It may become common like the common cold and influenza, which are part of the same family of viruses and are something we have learnt to live with. We may need to take booster shots at least for some years, just like we do for the flu and when we travel to certain countries, these shots may be mandatory, like we do today, but it will become a part of our lives.

That’s all from me this week. Stay safe and if you are still not vaccinated and don’t have any impediment to get vaccinated, please do that and stay safe and keep your family and loved ones also safe.

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