2021 Week 35 Update

At the end of August, I have walked 2000 km, which brings me to spitting distance of the border of Myanmar. I plan that in the next four months, I will walk the 1400 odd km and reach the border of India and the goal in 2022 will be to walk all through the country to reach my home in Mumbai.

My reading this month has been quite steady and I have read 85% of my reading target, so it looks like this year I will easily exceed my targets.

BB & GG are in their school holidays and while GG is busying studying for the first of many professional exams which will take place in about six weeks, BB is enjoying his free time.

Singapore has seen an upsurge of infections, and so it’s a little frustrating that even after more than 80% of the population is fully vaccinated, cases have not gone down daily. But with 80% of the population vaccinated and still cases happening, it looks like the virus is endemic in Singapore and sooner or later we will probably get it. It’s a fatalistic attitude and I am sure it’s not the right one, but I am tired. Ah well, that’s my venting done for the day. Singapore will also start booster shots for senior citizens and those who are immunocompromised later this month. This means sooner or later, we will also get the booster shot which should help with more virulent strains.

Today’s quote comes from Aristotle who tells us what should be very obvious to us, but we don’t see. According to Aristotle, happiness is something that comes from within and should not be directly proportionate to the amount of money one has or what one is willing to splurge on.

That’s all for this week. Stay safe people!

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