Poem: Family

A family is defined as the basic unit in society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children or a group of individuals living under one roof and usually under one head and having a common ancestry. But a family is so much more than that. They are your biggest supporters, the people who love you unconditionally and under any circumstance. They are there through thick and thin and show up when you need them the most. This poem is a celebration of those ties and the love they have for you.


When you are down, they are there for you
When the stakes are low, they are there to pull you up
When you need to get things done, they are your trusted crew
And they are there to prop you up when you need that pickup

They are your family, your loved ones
Who wouldn’t hesitate to go all out for you with blazing guns
Family, a word that brings automatically brings a smile to the face
The anchor in your life, your secret life’s ace

The foundation on which your values stand strong
The close circle of love to which you and your loved ones belong
The people who know you inside and outside
From whom try as you might, but you can’t hide

So, learn to treasure your family, the memories
The ones who knew you at your worst and your best
With whom you may squabble and quarrel and who may torture and tease,
But you have their love, and with that, you know you are blessed.

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