2021 Week 36 Update

I’ve been in a kind of funk state all week. And this meant I was barely productive. When I think back, I know it’s because of the surge of cases here in Singapore. From single digit cases a month or so back to more than 500 cases per day this week, it looks like we are all going back to last year. Cases are doubling every two weeks and it looks like the Delta variant will be more lethal than the original variant. The government is predicting that we will hit 2,000 cases daily by the end of the month and that’s more than the peak last year. And last year, it was mostly confined to the worker dormitories, but this time it’sin the community. Every time I step outside, I wonder if that day will be the day I get infected. And what’s worse is that with more than 80% of the population fully vaccinated, I am sure a major chunk of the newly infected are those who are fully vaccinated. And so fatalistically I just want this to get over with. If I am to be infected, and the way things are going, I will be infected sooner or later, I’d just rather it be sooner so we can get on with our lives. Am I making sense? I really don’t know and don’t think so, but that’s the kind of mood I have been in.

This week an article from a UK bedding manufacturer, Sleepseeker came out which reported that Singapore is the most fatigued country in the world. And that’s not surprising, given that from the minute we wake to the minute we lay our heads down in bed, we have to be hyper-connected, hyper-updated and on hyper alert, especially with the pandemic situation. Singapore has outdone traditionally overworked countries like China and Japan, the only other Asian countries in the list. Singapore has worked the second most number of hours on average, only behind Mexico and the country with the third-most time spent on the internet daily, behind Brazil and Mexico.


The children are in their holidays and their results should come sometime next week. They also turn 18 next week, which in many countries would make them legal adults, but they have a few years more to go to become a legal adult in Singapore.

Today’s positivity quote is from Louise Hay. It’s a very simple one, more of an affirmation, rather than a quote. All you need to tell yourself that you are in the right place, at the right time and doing the right thing and things will begin to fall in place. Maybe this quote resonated with me as I really need this affirmation right now.

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