2021 Week 37 Update

Singapore is in the grip of a second wave, with cases poised to hit at least 1,000 per day. And this is from less than 10 a day less than a month back. And it seems that it will take another month or two for this to go through the community and for cases to subside. It was also reported that  in the last four weeks, more than 98% of local cases were asymptomatic or had mild symptoms. The ministry of health also said that as of last Thursday, 82% of the population has completed their full vaccination regimen, while 84% has received at least one dose as of Thursday. I guess we should be careful, mask up and use soap and hand sanitisers as much as possible and even more so when we have the elderly and the vulnerable living with us or near us.

Today’s positive quote, or rather again an affirmation comes to us courtesy of Michelle Obama. It’s again a very simple one. All we need to do is ask ourselves, Am I good enough? And give ourselves the answer in a very resounding voice, that Yes I am! As Dory told us all in Finding Nemo, in the face of adversity, to just keep swimming.

BB & GG turned 18 last week and though celebrations were very low key, they did meet friends and some came over to wish them. BB got a professional mic set with headphones from his school friends while GG’s friends got her clothes. GG also got her results the day after their birthday, but the results were as expected and she has more or less mainted her GPA. She is also very busy preparing for the first of the many professional exams she will have to take for her career and that has been pretty much all she has done in the holidays. BB’s results will come next week and we are all on tenterhooks for that. He has not done well in the first two semesters, so this one is a crucial one, especially if he wants to go to university after his National Service. More on that next week.

That’s all from me. Stay safe everyone!

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