2021 Week 38 Update

Today’s quote is a quote from the celebrated author and female icon, Maya Angelou. It is a simple one which tells us that nothing can ever dim that light that shines within us. So keep that light burning bright and don’t let it dim, so that shines and lightens the path in front of you and is a beacon for others.

Singapore’s woes don’t seem to be ending anytime soon. We are now firmly in the midst of the second wave with cases hitting more than 1500 per day, with the signs pointing to it reaching more than $2000 positive cases per day before we see any sign of decline. The numbers today are higher than the peak last year. And all of us are tired, but we must soldier on.

BB got his results this week and he did not do as well as we thought he would do. Everyone was upset, though I think the most shocked was BB himself, who probably thought he could coast along. This setback seems to have hit him quite hard. Since the day the results were declared, he has tried to make small changes to himself. It’s still early days now, but I am hoping to see a better man emerge from this adversity.

GG has been busy preparing for the first of her professional certification and with lessons in the morning and homework and studying going on in the afternoon, we barely get to see her outside of mealtimes. I am hoping she gets the grades she is aiming so all her efforts are for naught!

That’s all from me this week, but with how things are here, we are going to be home until and unless it is necessary to get out. Stay safe people!

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