2021 Week 39 Update

I am better than I used to be is how this affirmation is attributed to Marianne Williamson. And it is something I need this week. I keep repeating this over and over this week.

On Friday, we went for a scheduled appointment of a gynaecological nature for GG. To continue the investigation, they did a couple of blood tests and we were immediately called back after just a couple of hours because of some abnormalities in her blood work. And so we went from the first hospital to another, bigger one, because the first hospital didn’t have the resources we needed. She was admitted because the doctors felt they needed to run some more tests and long story short, she has been diagnosed with a thyroid condition which will be most likely a lifelong one. Luckily, she was discharged within 12 hours and we all were so relieved.

I have been walking slightly more this month because I want to reach India’s borders by the end of this year. This month, I have walked 489 steps and 320 km which brings me to have walked about 2330 km, well into Myanmar, crossing the Kayin State and into the Mon State. I am now about 1100 km from India’s borders.

I have also been reading slightly more this month compared to August. I am almost in spitting distance of my goal for the year, but will continue to read more and beat the goal! I have read 72 books till the end of September, so now I am thinking, I should move the goalposts a bit.

Cases continue to increase in Singapore and I am waiting for that peak, after which things will start calming down. We’re taking so many precautions that yesterday when we went to get GG discharged from the hospital, it took more than 2 hours just to get to her! This including multiple registrations and contact tracing and an Antigen Rapid Test or ART. Hopefully, this will slow down the virus, especially for the elderly and the vulnerable.

That’s all from us this week! Take care and stay safe everyone.

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