2021 Week 40 Update

Today’s positive quote is from the famous activist, Martin Luther King Jr and tells us about not to lose hope. Hope is the one thing that keeps us doing doing what we do each and every time, all the time. A life without hope is a life that is completely barren. So even if we do accept disappointments, we cannot, never lose hope.

So why talk about hope today? Cases in Singapore are rising at a steady rate and we are looking at about 3,500 plus cases on a daily basis now with cases poised to hit the 5,000 mark very soon. But the good news is that most of the affected are either asymptotic or with very mild symptoms.  I’ve stopped thinking about and even obsessively checking the daily numbers because now I know we have to live with this. Singapore is also starting and is in talks with multiple countries for quarantine free travel and this means that people can start to travel again. I am now waiting when India will come on this list and hope that day is not too far away. I also read that India is opening up to tourists and visitors and people can start travelling to India from as early as mid-October.

As I mentioned last week, GG was hospitalised for about 12 hours and has now been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. She has to take a tablet for the rest of her life and she is coping with it well. She wakes up at 4 am, takes the medicine and goes back to sleep. This is because she can’t eat or drink anything for an hour and has to avoid diary products and anything that has calcium in it for four hours. So having the medicine at 4 am allows her to eat breakfast around 8 am.

My parents have finally made a decision to move to a retirement community outside Mumbai. They are currently there now looking at possible homes to rent or buy and this is making me sad on many levels. On one hand, I am happy that my parents will be in a place where they will access to healthcare and not really be alone as we have extended family in that place. This is especially true since my father has been diagnosed with a degerative disease about five years back and over this period, he has slowly, but definitely gotten worse. So this move is for their better. I am quite sad that I will be unable to visit Mumbai again. I do hope I can make one last trip, but in the current situation, it looks unlikely. I may make a trip when my sister visits India and stay with her for a bit just to get my Bombay fix, but that will be all I can do now.

That’s all from my side this week. Stay safe and take care everyone!

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