2021 Week 41 Update

I absolutely love this week’s quote which comes to us courtesy of Joyce Meyer. She says a truly content and thankful person is the happiest person around and that is so true. If you are thankful for and are content with what you have, you are happier than the richest person around you. Simple, effective and so very true.

This week is the last week of holidays before school starts for BB & GG. BB has all in-person lessons but compressed into three days while GG has a combination of home based and in-person learning.

Over the weekend, one by one, we were felled by a bad cold, starting with BB, so the weekend is going by by drinking lots of fluids, lemon and ginger teas. It’s almost 18 months since I last got a cold and I for one, don’t really miss it. I think our increased general hygiene has a lot to contribute to this.

Singapore has opened VTLs or Vaccinated Travel Lanes with 11 countries now, including Brunei Darussalam, Germany, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States and South Korea. This means that those coming back from these countries need not quarantine themselves after coming back. I am waiting for a VTL to start between Singapore and India, but it does not look to happen anytime soon. I hope though there’s a VTL with India at least by early next year so I can go to India to visit my parents.

S and I will also be eligible for the booster shot and we should get it as soon as hit hit the six month mark from our second dose, so that should happen sometime next month.

That’s all from me this week. Stay safe people.

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