2021 Week 42 Update

Today’s quote is gold in my opinion. I have written about having an attitude of gratitude and this is something I have been doing for some months now. When one starts to acknowledge and be grateful to what we already have in our lives, we already find ourselves enriched and abundant. If you haven’t already started doing so, please take a few minutes each day to pen down what you are grateful for in your life that day.

GG & BB have started school with BB already having physical lessons on a compressed schedule and GG still on virtual classes, but she will start going to school a few times a week from Monday.

With more and more Vaccinated Travel Lanes starting from Singapore, I am waiting for when there will be a VTL with India so not only can I go down and meet my parents, but my helper R can go home and get her son married off. She is insisting that at least I go with her for the wedding, but unless there is quarantine-free travel available, this will not be possible.

We’ve started prepping for the biggest Indian festival – Diwali and from next week, I will start making the sweets and savouries I usually make. I am quite excited about the festival as its one that’s close to every Indian’s heart.

That’s all from us this week, take care and stay safe everyone.

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