2021 Week 43 Update

It’s the end of October and just two more months before 2022 comes around.

This month, I have not really been walking much, especially in the last week since I have been busy with preparations for Diwali which will take place next week. So far, I have made some sweets and savouries, but need to make a couple more before I can call it a day.

This month, I managed to hit my reading goals for the year and any more books I am reading now are just the icing on the cake. Let me see exactly how many I manage to finish by December.

GG & BB are busy with school and some days I barely get to see them, except in the morning and then in the evening after lessons are over for the day. It’s good that they keep busy, hopefully, this semester is good for them.

This week’s quote is a continuation of last week’s quote. Being grateful for things and people around you makes sense of one’s past, brings peace today and creates a vision for what one wants for tomorrow. Gratitude is the one thing that is special and unique to you and being grateful for the little things in life makes life worth living.

Cases in Singapore are surging and showing no signs of reducing. This is quite worrying and is putting the country in a risky category across the world. But we must persevere and hope for the surge to stop just as suddenly as it started. I have also gotten an appointment to get my booster shot, so that’s a bit safer.

That’s all from me this week. To all my readers, Hindu or otherwise, here’s wishing you a very Happy Diwali. May the festival of lights banish all darkness from your lives and make it joyful, happy and prosperous.

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