2021 Week 45 Update

It’s the end of another week and well, things are pretty much the same as they were last week.

Last week, I went for my booster shot of the COVID-19 vaccine and S did his before I and R did hers a couple of days later. We, adults, have all done the booster shot and once it’s available to those under 30, BB & GG will also get theirs. I suffered no ill effects from my latest shot with just some low-grade headache and slight pain in the arm where the needle was injected. This time, when the nurse injected the needle, it was more painful and I felt all the way while the previous times, it barely registered.

This week, the Singapore government announced that those who are voluntarily unvaccinated, that is who are eligible and don’t have any medical conditions which prevent them from being vaccinated are no longer eligible to get free treatment should they come down with COVID-19. They will be liable to pay for treatment which can be as much as SGD 25,000 before subsidies. This is because the majority of patients who have been hospitalised with the virus are unvaccinated and I think this is a step in the right direction. Why should almost 90% of the vaccinated resident population pay for that 7-8% who don’t think vaccinations are the way forward?

In other news, the European Union has taken off Singapore from the list of countries for which travel curbs were lifted. And with this Denmark has imposed quarantine for travellers from Singapore with Holland asking travellers from Singapore to produce a negative COVID-19 test before flying into the country. For those planning year-end trips to these countries, this may come as a blow, especially since Singapore has started Vaccinated Travel Lanes or VTLs with more than 10 countries to date. For me, unless there is a VTL to India, it really does not make a big difference because the first country I want to travel to is India to visit my parents whom I last saw almost exactly two years ago. My last trip which involved flying to another country was my last trip to India in the third week of November 2019. My last trip outside Singapore was a day trip to Johor Bahru across the causeway in Malaysia in January 2020 for S’ cousin’s engagement ceremony. I can’t wait to travel, though I don’t want to quarantine for that, so I will wait.

Today’s quote is a very positive one and comes to us courtesy of Widad Akrawi, an author, a Kurdish health expert and human rights activist. She says if one is positive, one sees opportunities instead of obstacles. Simple, but so very true right?

On this note, stay positive, stay healthy and stay masked.

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