2021 Week 47 Update

We finally got more information on the Vaccinated Travel Lane to India and I am super excited to finally be able to meet my parents. And Singapore has also started more such lanes to countries like Thailand, Fiji, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Cambodia, just in time for the year-end holidays.

Today’s quote is from Paulo Coelho which is a lesson for all of us. If we really think small, our world will be small, but if we think big, then our world automatically becomes big. This is very important for all of us because when we think beyond our small worlds, the universe opens up for us.

GG & BB are busy with school with their mid-semester exams. GG will start her industrial attachment in early March, so she needs to start working on her resume and accomplishments. BB will have his industrial attachment in his last semester, so this means the two of them will not have a holiday together until the end of their poly life, after which BB will be called up for his national service.

A new COVID-19 variant, this time from Africa has been detected and many countries including Singapore have started to put a stop to travellers coming in many countries Africa, especially Southern Africa.

That’s all from me this week. Take care and stay safe.

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